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Day 4

Hi all - I've reached day 4, yay me! :D let's see, I'm at 3d 16 hrs now. I'm fairly sure I'll stay smokefree today but I am feeling a bit fed up. Hubby has gone out for a run and told me he doesn't want to sit about on the sofa all day but that's what I want to do! I'm feeling too lethargic to have any 'get up and go' and in the morning I'll have to go back to doing the school run and running about so I don't like feeling guilty about wanting to sit on my fat arse all day if I want to! :o

Still, a good week coming up, with pancakes, and valentine's day, and on Wednesday I'm taking my mum to the cinema to see Les Miserables at last, so I'm planning to stay reasonably busy. I signed up to Netflix for the first time yesterday so might spend today browsing through what they've got available (thought it'd be more, though!) and watching some old rubbish. My son and I like Stargate and he's never seen MacGyver with a young Richard Dean Anderson so that might be fun! :D

Thanks for listening to my little gripe! x

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Well done on reaching day 4 Claire. The days will turn into weeks before you know it. Enjoy your Sunday:)


Well done Claire!!! :) you are doing fab! Do whatever gets you through the next few days. We have been used to punishing ourselves with nicotine for far too long, its time we were good to ourselves at last, we deserve it! My sons football was cancelled today, we are a big footy family ( since i have 3 sons i have been made to watch it!) love it now so im gonna sit with the boys and watch the games on the telly and maybe tackle a bit of washing. Nothing too strenuous there! Enjoy your day!!!!


Keep it up you are doing so well! Definitely do what you feel like so if its not a lot then do precisely that! Reward yourself even in tiny ways you are doing brilliantly and so deserve to go with what you feel like. Definitely keep busy tho I think that is the key even if its busy going nothing :)


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