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am now currently you do!!


So, Ive figured in the evenings, when my old habit was at its worst, I needed something to occupy my hands and mind....

Ive just learnt to 'cast on', and am now knitting away....

I don't however, know how to 'cast off' have decided to make the longest never ending scarf ever!!!

Hope your all having a good weekend...x

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Ah, good stuff - they say to keep your hands busy. I love knitting and go in & out of phases where I spend all my free time doing it and toher times where I don't knit for months. I do get bored easily though so do lots of small projects - hats are usually quicker than scarves and some can be done on two needles then sewn up at the end. Mind you saying that I'm doing a scarf-based blanket - lots of scarves made of different coloured squares, sew them all together at the (eventual) end and ta-dah! Used up all my spare yarn AND have a new blanket!

If you fancy inspiration or are looking for patterns is *the* best knitting site - very social and friendly and they have groups for everything. Ooh I wonder if there's a stop-smoking group?

If you do, come find me here:

eta: There are two quit groups and a 'vape' group!

Im only a beginner!! Can't see me making anything yet!! I've only done 8 rows, and managed to drop and add stitches already!!!

Lol Isha, you sound as experienced as me at knitting, but it is worth a try if it keeps your hands busy. You are doing extremely well in your quit. Cross stitch is another which is quite good at keeping your hands busy and I make patchwork quilts which I can do whilst watching TV. I wouldn't mind seeing a posted picture of your scarf when it is finnished.:D

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