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My reasons for stopping

Had a read of alot of these posts last night, it really does encourage people to stay strong, great post!

Here are my main reasons

1. For my own health. I have worked with alot of people who have COPD, hooked up to machines and continuing to smoke. I do not want to be one of these people. The thought of smoking related cancer also terrifies me. When you're a smoker you dont admit it but you have constant worries that every little niggling pain could be the start of something major.

2. I dont want to see my kids lose their mum at a young age. I want to be here to support them and see them grow up, attend their weddings and enjoy having grandchildren.

3. Smokers have that look!! You know the one, wrinkles, slightly grey complexion, haggard, and they smell soooo bad.

4. The cost!!!! I didnt think we could afford a home extension until i added up what i'll be saving every month, nearly £200!! Bring on the extra bedrooms!

5. To get rid of that dependancy, always having to leave what doing and go outside in the cold, rain, or snow to light up. Absolute insanity!

6. Having to get up even earlier for work to fit in a cuple of cigs before i leave the house in the morning, then worrying about the smell of smoke on my uniform all day.

I could go on forever!!!!!

The reasons for continuing to smoke.....0

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Hi Denise you have just written all my reasons there too! Very motivational. I know the early days are all consuming with thoughts of smoking and it is hard sometimes to stay focused, so a little reminder like that is good. It is good even for me after 12 months quit just so we dont become complacent so thanks for posting your reasons because they are mine too.xx


Thanks Haze. Its great to hear from people like you too who have totally kicked nicks ass, still going strong but also remember how easy it can be to be complacent. Well done to you you are an inspiration! :)


So glad you wrote this Denise.....just had a read and thought DITTTTTOOO!!

Im on Day 12....and I can sort of feel myself sometimes thinking....was it really a big deal....being a smoker..? The thought only pops in then back out my mind, but I think as you go further down the quit journey, the easier it is to forget the reasons you started.

So, Im glad I read your post....good to refresh the brain!!

Good luck with your quit......not that you will need


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