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Day 4!!


Well, arrived at day 4!!! Still have no doubts that i will not smoke today. Last night i did feel slightly weird, kind of hormonal, but thats nothing new for me. Still get the old 'i'll do this then go out for a fag' thoughts, then feel great cos straight away i remind myself that i dont smoke anymore. It really gives me a sense of power!! Still on the hunt for a treadmill. Driving home yesterday i could actually feel myself breathing more deeply, so proud of myself. Out in the fresh air today, helping hubby chop down a tree in the back garden (well maybe wstching him and making the coffee, haha). Happy weekend everyone!!!

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Wow Denise ....Day 4 well done you. Enjoy that fresh air, it does smell much better when you have quit doesn't it? Soon you will have a week under your belt and the a month so it is all good. Keep on keeping on as they say and it just gets easier and easier:)

Oh well done you - sounds like you're really enjoying the process! I keep thinking like that too - 'right, I'll finish this, go for a fag, then...oh hang on!' but it's pleasing to say no, isn't it?

*happy sigh* breathing deeper sounds lovely, I bet that was a lovely little reward in itself, without all the rest of the improvements!

I love how positive you are - you really do sound like this is is lots of fun and I think that might be the best way to approach it - I'm trying to do the same and only sometimes slipping, depending on son/hubby/puppy winding me up ;)

Enjoy the *actual* fresh air x

Just jumped back in this forum to say so much for fresh air! Other half got a load of branches off the tree and decides to burn them all in the log burner! Smoke bellowing in through the back door and ruining the smell of my ultra sparkilng house! I smell like a bonfire! Hehe , oh well i suppose my lungs have been used to inhaling worse over the years. Feeling great though! X x x

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