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day 3


2 days 15 hours and still going strong! I think the evenings are more difficult, and hubby is taking the dog out for me, last night I came to bed at 10 when usually I'm up till midnight, I was so tired! That seems to be the first real symptom I've had so it was almost funny to be tired so early. Today I have a lazy day on the sofa planned but with plenty of tv our book reading to distract me from any lingering thoughts!

I don't think I'm any more Grumpy then usual, sadly hubby's comment before I stopped was 'how will we notice?' Seems to be true. Hmmph.

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mmm......not very supportive of hubby! Im now on day 12, and the first few days I thought I'd be getting a divorce!!

I find the evenings a little harder too, so like you, have been going to bed around 10-10.30...ish, instead of midnight. I find its better to go to bed and read, rather then be downstairs thinking about the nasty weed!! And also feel tired more too, I guess its because we no longer have that stimulus.

Enjoy your lazy day (Im having one too!!), keep it up, remember the reasons you wanted to quit, and stick with it. Wish you all the best. xx

Max is right Claire, it just gets easier and easier. Enjoy your lazy day, I found watching films and reading really helped me in the early days, it was a great distraction for me. Is hubby a smoker? If he is you may just inspire him to quit too and if he is not then he is going to be so chuffed for you, and that will spur you on!:)

Thanks all!

Haze, nah he did smoke for a while (he started because of me, oops) but he gave up before Christmas when he got bronchitis for 6 weeks and spent most of it either in bed or trying to breathe. Sadly because he couldn't even think about smoking at the time, he thinks it's easy to stop - he did it while he was ill without even realising! He also never admitted to anyone that he did it though, and generally would only have about 4 or 5 a day, didn't do it socially, apart from with me, etc...

(he also took up running the week after I did but can run faster and further already, but that's another matter! so bloody competitive!)

However, he *is* pleased I'm doing it, and has taken over dog-wee duty (she's my dog and I'd always take her out the garden & have a fag while she had a wee), and he's buying snacks for me - malteasers, tic tacs, etc without quibbling like he usually does, so I think he's trying. at least. It's difficult to talk about it indoors though as my 8 year old doesn't know I smoked as I always hid it from him, so I keep randomly shouting to hubby '2 days 16 hours!' or whatever and my son has no idea what we're talking about - it's quite funny really!

I think we might go for a walk in the woods with the dog later, I'd usually smoke on dogwalks but not if the boy was with me, so it'll be good for me if it's not snowing or whatever! IF not, curled up on the sofa with a good book followed by a good film sounds like a really nice day!

Thanks everyone - you're all great x

Aw well done Claire!!! You are doing fab! The running would be a great thing to get back into, and you'll be able to break your own records. If the dogs fit enough for it, get him on the lead running with you, hehe, you wont want to smoke then and the dog will be happy. I also think the evenings are the worst, but think of all that beauty sleep we're getting, cant be bad! Enjoy your day, and be kind to yourself, you deserve it! :)

Nice 1 Claire you are doin awesome :)

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