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End of my third work week

Hi Folks,

I stopped on a Sunday, and today will complete the third 'work-week' smoke free, I cant believe how often I must have been absent from my desk!!!

All this week, I've been logged on and working by about 08:20. I've recently moved jobs within the company I work for, taking me from the ground floor to the first floor, so mid morning I pop downstairs for a quick natter with old colleagues, and a coffee (we have Costas in the buildings). I often do the same mid afternoon.

Previously I could easily have had ten ciggies during a day - plus coffees!!

Today I'm working from home, so I need to be careful not to eat too much - I'm using the myfitnesspal app to monitor calories and nutrition - since I stopped smoking I've lost 6 lbs

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Thanks Max.

I've left it to the last minute to quit - getting married in early June. Otherwise I guess I'd be happy to swap cigs for fast food and sweets, but I won't have time to put weight on and lose it in time for the photos :-)


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