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Day 2

So I'm on 1 day 14 hrs now's okay...not great, but okay. I'm snacking a bit, but then I always have done so I''m not worried. Before this I had been trying to stop snacking but then meh, I need to lose weight once this is done anyway, so a few pounds more won't make much difference. It certainly took less persuading to get my hubby to pick things up from the shops, so that was nice! I might go for a run today and see how that goes...but it also might be too cold to run today (I'm a bit of a fair weather runner, gardener, well, everything!). Hubby has the afternoon off so I won't need to walk home from school with a lady I know who smokes, so I'm avoiding that until Monday afternoon.

Anyway, I'm still proud, and still keen, seems like everything else is on hold because I can only concentrate on this but that's alright because I know it won't last forever. The weekend should be okay because I'll have my son (never smoked in front of him) and my husband (who will cover the 'popping out with the dog' moments) - so I'm confident it'll be fine!

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Hi Claire,

Good luck, your doing good! First few days are hard, but as long as your prepared for it, then your armed. Stick with it, its so worth it.

Brilliant that your planning ahead too, I didn't really do that, wish I had, may have made life a little easier. Keep at it, keep busy, and stay positive. xxxxxx


Gets easier after first few days hang in there your doin great ;-)


Hi Claire,

You're proud and keen, and tomorrow the quit will be fine. And there's nothing in your post to suggest otherwise, you appear confident and self-belief is important.

Welcome to the forum!

Have a good look around, and I hope you experience the support, friendship, encouragement and advice that keeps so many of us going. And the stupid, ridiculous humour that we can't help but participate in that makes us human!

Good luck Hun, we're all with you here!!!!! :)


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