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No Smoking Day
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Smoker in the house

Firstly, sorry for not being around much lately. Had to host some guests and take care of feverish baby the past week. I hope everyone is still doing well with their quits!

One of those house guests we had was smoking. She was telling me that she only smokes when going out for drinks or on holiday. Dont you just hate those people!? She kept telling me how she has never got addicted and doesnt really need to smoke. And to be fair, she smoked maybe max five a day, so I believed her. But what annoyed me was that if she really doesnt have to smoke, why is she doing it in front of me, knowing we have just quit. Also leaving the cig pack on our table etc. Grrrr.

Anyway, it didnt tempt me, just got me a bit mad :mad:

I did have my little revenge by not providing an ash tray :o Do you guys remember how awkward it was standing out in someones garden with that ciggy end wondering where to hide it? Or having to put it back in the box and have your pockets stink aweful. Then fish it out to toss in the toilet.... then throwing tons of paper on top coz its not flushing...hehe...... Im bad...... :rolleyes:


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You are doing really well. Just dig in and keep going. The weeks will start to fly past.

Your friend is just as hooked as you were. That's why she had to smoke in front of you. If she wasn't, she wouldn't have smoked and it wouldn't have bothered her.

I know whose shoes I would rather be in........... yours - as a non smoker!


Nice one

Nice one Rossa that did make me giggle................anyway well done on your quit.

Lets keep it up folks lifes to good to just burn it away "up in smoke" :D:D:D:D


I agree with Doug and Max :)

Was one of those annoying social smokers when I was a teenager :eek: - *but* then I'd have a few fags then not smoke any for weeks or months and not miss them. I think anyone who smokes 5 a day is an addict, especially "having" to smoke in front of a recent quitter!!

I carried a tin or an ashtray pouch around with me all the time, so wasnt' worried about dropping fag ends but *blech* did they stink my bag out - partly why I quit actually ;)


Rossa I had a simulair situation the other day but it wasn't a friend it was my own mother:mad:

Explained to her that I had quit as I was driving her to mine so she sparked up then and there so I bit my tongue but opened her window(while it was raining)but that didn't stop her :( then when we got to mine she sparked up again but i got mad at her and told her to smoke in the garden......she didn't stay long ;)


These guests were family as well, who should be more considerate really, but no. My mum is coming over in couple months, so I am facing the same thing again then :mad:

It is also funny how people think that since you are an ex smoker you should be more understanding of their smoking.

One challenge at a time eh... today I have an extremely grumpy 9 month old teething and screaming his head off. Had to resort to a gum so I wouldnt loose it :(



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