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Microwave got it!!!


Ha Finally managed to get registered and am now on day 6. Everyone on this forum has kept me going even though you didn't know about it. Smoked for 18 years, roll ups for last 12 of them. Second quit, first only lasted nine days.

First 4 days were hell. Saturday night was day 2 and lost the plot with hubby and kids after few vinos. They were all arguing over what takeaway to get and in the end i shouted at them all then managed to break the microwave by slamming the door shut over and over again. What was that all about....

Day 5 and today day 6 have been easier though. Nights are still the worst when I sit down.

Also feeling so bloated as cant do my normal number 2's (sorry for being blunt) does this sort itself out?

Anyway to all thanks for letting me join the team.

P.s bought new microwave.

H xx

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H, your post had me in stitches as it sounded so much like my first week of quitting :D

as for ur no 2's not sure about that maybe go to the doc's if still happening.

Hope ur days n nights get better keep us posted :)

Hi H , Yep sounds like my house the first few days of my Quit ha ha, you keep on going but avoid the microwave! ;)

Team Work

He he. Thanks for all your support guys. What a great team we all make.

I also joined the Gym yesterday so I can take it out on the weights and not my household appliances.


Lol the title of this made me laugh. Poor microwave!

Everything sorts it self out in the end, with regards to your toilet trouble! I couldn't sleep and had no appetite for the most part in the early days, but it does all go back to normal eventually x

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