Missed one month anniversary!

But I'm still here. And I'm still smoke-free!

I'm doing 12 hour days as I've got a big event next week, and also got lots of writing and reviews to do.

Hope you are all well. Don't really have much to report. Feeling fab about not smoking though I have had a couple of days where I've just "wanted" one!

I'm really sorry I've not been around to offer more support and interact with you more - I actually miss you guys. I'll be back when this silly workload gets better on the 17th Feb!

Till then...

*sprinkles fairy dust all around*

*hugs and kisses*



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  • Shock - horror!

    "Wow ShoeGal had almost forgotten about you"

    So a girl doesn't come in for a week and she is forgotten. :( *wipes tears*

    Hehe! Won't let you forget me, matey!

    So any other January Quitters about?



  • "

    So any other January Quitters about?

    I am still here... Have been busy w sick baby and guests from overseas, so not been around lately.

    Glad to hear you are doing well regardless of work stress.


  • Well done Nik

    Busy = no time to dwell

    No time to dwell = sorted

    Sorted = .... err.... well...just Sorted really hehe :)

    Glad you're going strong, keep it going

    Sorted :cool:

    Take care


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