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I failed, but here i go again......


Hi all, i was a member a few months ago and i actually did quit for 6 weeks and caved in.

Here's the story quickly, i was at a club with some females and they all wanted to go out for a smoke and i knew not to go, but i was thinking we'll one wont hurt even though i knew right there i was doomed. Anyhow, i did cave in and yup alittle dabble here and there..I never got back in full smoking and actually at times bought many packs and then only taking two out of the pack and throwing them in the garbage or down the toilet on a consistent basis these last few months. I tell yeah it been a expensive month...

We'll here i am almost 24 hrs since my last smoke.

I was so determined not to go back last time and i did, i know this time ill be successful...Im going cold turkey and i havent been full force smoking since my last quit so i am hoping this will be alittle easier on me overall.

Thanks for the read and everything in advance.

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NicFirth10 Years Smoke Free

Ahhhh females, pesky temptresses! I will admit that, in my youth, when alcohol and females have coincided I did make some poor judgements.

There is an old proverb which says something like.

Failure isn't falling over, its not getting back up again.

Well done for getting back up again.

Nice to meet you... ;)

MP it's ok, most of us have fallen off at some point. The good news is you are starting again. I am starting again as well now on day 3 all over again. It's ok, we can both do it togrether. Stay strong, you got this. Thankfully you didn't go back full time I know it is making it easier for me too because when I fell off a week or so again I still didn't smoke much. Wish I hadn't at all (sigh!)


Thanks everyone, for the nice comments. Yes, i am going to try this once again even though i am honestly ashamed, but i have to be honest with everyone here. ANyhow, I am back on track for a couple days now and yes let the game commence...:)

Yes thanks for this, "Failure isn't falling over, its not getting back up again". I am back in the ring again and thanks..

Congrats to the long term quitters and the newbies here...

Yes lets quit together and give support.

Like in saing: always try - if you succed you would be successful, if you fail you would be wise


Thanks, im not messing around this time,,I know how i felt after giving in last time,,,All that hard work for nothing,,,We'll it wasnt entirely for nothing but still...Im going to doo it this time and excited for the months to tick by.

Im 37 years of age and its time to quit,,,

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