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Day 3 - Very Strange!!

Good day to all my fellow quitters. I hope everyone is faring well today…. As for me, it’s day three and I am feeling so good that I am afraid something is going to drop from the sky and fall directly onto my head LOL ! :eek:

What gives with this? I am not really experiencing any cravings at all.

I am reminding myself of what our good friend Nifty said yesterday in his post and that was that this is a process not an event and I am finding this statement/assessment to be most helpful. My last quit on New Year’s Eve, I think I was seeing my quit in exactly that fashion. This big momentous event that was supposed to carry me through and when the excitement (if that’s a good word) for it wore off around week 3, I just got tired of the battle because I was thinking it was supposed to be over already. I don’t know if this makes sense to anyone else? This time around I am treating it like a recovery process that will take some time to work through, so I am very positive about the potential outcome. :D

Well once again I run on too long (sorry) just wanted to get this out there. If anyone has any thoughts or opinions on this I would love you to share.

Best to all,


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Hiya Sherri,

I couldn't agree with you more. I think if you can acknowledge that things are improving it gives you strength going forwards but you have to look at this quit as a long term thing and try to enjoy it once you have the initial physical symptoms done.

Every week that goes by you'll see associations broken down, you'll be able to see them for what they are break them and feel stronger.

Good luck, stay strong and it's wonderful to have you back :D

Molly x


Hi Sherri

It is a process.... quite a lengthy one for me.

I get really quite annoyed at people who say "oh you'll think about it for a week or so and then you'll be fine" .... as much as I wanted this to be the case....and believe me I SERIOUSLY wanted this to be the case it is simply untrue and not helpful to anyone!

I probably tried to convince myself of this in the beginning.

We cannot eradicate decades of what was essentially Pavlovian conditioning in a matter of days, weeks or even months.

What I believe we can do though is keep ourselves quietly on the road, preferably with a few quit buddies to bounce off, and give ourselves time.

It has taken me months to come to terms with the concept of allowing myself to heal, allowing myself the time to feel better about myself.

However, during these months, every now and then a little beam of light flashes before you and you notice the tiny things in your quit, better breathing, less stress, no stains on fingers, tiny veins disappearing back where they belong, no hangovers if you slightly overindulge :), the list is massively varied from person to person and is never ending!

All of these things together prove that:

You can do this.

You are still you.

You can still have fun and laugh.

You can do the things you used to do...only now better and for longer!

When you give yourself permission to "feel" these things then you quit takes hold....even for those of us that "really did not want to quit!" .... we can't stop the process ... even if we were daft enough to want to.

Again, congratulations for trying again so soon after your last blip.

Take your time, hold your head up and walk on.

Take care


x :)


Oh Kat, I couldn't agree with you more. Our Nifty Greg is the most valuable resource I know of... and I keep on telling him so!!!! :)


I thought it was recycling and pooling resources :)



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