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Coffee & a fag...........mmmmm


Thats the one time when I remember Ive quit!! Certainly don't drink as much coffee now (probably a good thing)......Every time I have a coffee, I instantly look to where I used to have my cigs.

Can I be brave enough to say I do miss my coffee & cig break? that 5 mins to self..........

Although of course Id rather live longer!!! And rather not smell......and rather be able to breathe better.......and rather spend that 5 mins with my son Louie .........and rather Louie gets chance to go pre school.....and rather that he won't have to look after me on my Oxygen laying in bed dying.........suffering.....struggling to breathe at all.........


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Isha it's early days, you're doing well so far. I remember that too, a fag and a brew. I don't notice it now, you won't eventually too. It's just a routine that you'll readjust as time passes, Max is right, ciggies will eventually not be a natural association with relaxation :)

Lol, what about coffee and a muffin :D

Coffee and a magazine

Coffee and a strawberry:D

Great choice on your son's name, my son is called Lewi also, just spelt differently:)

Cuppa tea and a fag for me, more so at lunchtime when I get home from work :(

The rest of the day doesn't bother me as much as i thought it would, but I do struggle from around 1-3.30, am ok when the kids come in :)

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