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Great nights sleep, no coughing

Morning fellow quitters,

Well last night I slept through with no coughing whatsoever!! Now I was told about something yesterday, by a couple of people, and didnt think it was true, but it is, some of you may already know about this, but if you dont then this is the secret to having a good nights sleep cough free, rub vicks vapo rub into the soles of your feet, and then put socks on!!! trust me it works, didnt wake up coughing once, taken socks off now and coughing like a goodun and getting all the crap out of me :)

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That sounds so strange :confused:

At least my cough only lasted for about 5 days thought it was never going to pass.


Max, I dont sleep with my socks on as a rule, just had to give this crazy idea a go, and Kat, sleep was the only thing going on hahaha


Oh I am glad you posted this......Ive been non stop coughing, more so in the during the night.

I shall buy the Vics and stick it on my feet tonight!! I'll let you know my verdict tomorrow!

Glad it helped you last night. xxx


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