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My reasons

So many resources tell you to write a list of your reasons when quitting... and of course, in my own true bone idle fashion, I never quite got around to bothering:D So here, six weeks late, is my 'note to self' if I should ever feel weak.

My reasons for quitting

(i) Money. One of the more usual reasons, but a valid one none the less. Twenty a day is just about bang on £250 a month. But it's not just the smoking, it's the associated drinking - a couple of beers a day and a bag of crisps is another £250 a month. Since stopping smoking, I've also stopped drinking - not a deliberate decision, but since the two go hand in hand for me it just kind of happened. So, that's an instant £500 a month in my pocket. By the time you account for tax alone, this is like giving myself a £10k a year pay rise :eek:

(ii) Weight. See (i) above - no beer & crisps is about 800 calories a day less! Other diet adjustment means about 10kg / 22lbs lost so far.

(iii) Health. Another common reason. I guess every smoker thinks they are somehow immune, but last year two of my good friends found out they weren't - one was diagnosed with throat cancer and died within three months, and the other diagnosed with COPD (still smoking and fighting for every breath). Both in their mod fifties, just a few years older than me - do I really want to keep running towards that cliff edge?

(iv) Sick of the chains of addiction. Sick of the lethargy. Sick of the stink. Sick and tired of being sick and tired.

My reasons for staying quit

(i) All of the above, plus - tired of being a serial quitter, been doing this for too long and don't ever want to find myself back at day 1 again:(. It does get easier, why would I put myself back at the bottom of the mountain?

There, that's cheered me up no end:D

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you can do it

chin up , you can beat this , I KNOW YOU CAN ,x


Great stuff Egg, excellent post. I read it yesterday and it's prompted me to post mine too (haven't yet) - reasons are very personal and emotive, so thanks for sharing with us! In this together.



Egg like you my main reasons to quit was money saving shed loads as he gave up beer at the same time so we both giving our health a helping hand, also got sick and tired of stinking like an ashtray...didn't really notice it until I stopped smoking in the house completely(even though I smoked only smoked in the kitchen with the back door open)the difference was noticeable straight away.

Now focusing on the weight side of things :)


No,I think not. ;)

I think not too Max!

On reflection, one thing that marks this quit out is confidence. As soon as we allow self-doubt to creep into our thoughts, that inner voice starts whispering: "You'll never last", "It's only a matter of time before you cave", "Just one" etc. etc. yada yada yada - self-doubt breeds failure.

So I never doubt my own ability to win this war. The inner voice is very, very quiet now :)


Egg, you are exactly right, I know I will quit, I have no doubt whatsoever.:D


Egg, those are really good reasons to quit! You are making the best decision of your life!:)


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