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Day 9

Well it's day 9 and actually doing good. I was going threw the I need a smoke and I need one now last week while I was wearing the patch. I took off the patch about 2 days ago and funny thing happened to me today at least. No nicotine fits yet or they are there but very mild. I'm sure I'm not out of the woods yet but we will see. They say it takes a long time. I smoked for 30 years and I guess I was one of the lucky few that just didn't like the taste, smell or mess. My home smell a lot better and fresher so do my clothes. I was in the local gas station the other day and the guy new me as I was always in there buying smokes. So he had them on the counter even looking at them does nothing for me any more. I guess you just know when you are done and I could continue using the patch but I was so tired of all that was associated with smoking. I probably could have done it with out the patch. 25 smokes a day over 30 years to not using the patch after 1 week must say something. :)

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great stuff !!! Glad all is going well for you and its a great feeling to get those early days out of the way

stay strong

Donna :)


This is excellent to hear BamBam....good for you! you are now nicotine free!! yay!!! xxx


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