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Day 2 again haha!!

Well here I am again back at day 2 whew!!! Well onward and upward... so far sailing through the day. I don't know if it is because I just had about 30 days in or could it be that this go round I am armed with the patch??? Seems to be making a world of difference at least for me. :)

Last time cold turkey was pretty brutal, I remember the last day 2 it was awful. For those of you going through that please take it a few hours at a time and you will get to the next day, it really will come lol. :rolleyes:

I hope to see some familiar faces and it would be nice to meet all the newbies as well.

Good luck everyone staying strong today, we can all do this. I never thought I could make almost 30 days but I did!!! (got a bit overconfident and blew it!) Will know better this time. :D


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well done Sherri for getting straight back into your quit. Hope all goes smoothly for you this time , at least you know what lies ahead etc and that it will get easier again with time

take care



Hi Donna,

I agree with you, it does seem like the 2nd 3rd 4th etc. time you take with you a little more knowledge for your quit and you kinda know what to expect.

I am really hopeful that this will be the last time I ever slide back. ;)


I'm sure you have it nailed this time Sherri, keep posting and /or reading on here and as you already know it may help to steer you through the tough times



Hi Sherri


Day 2 already? .... surely not! :)

I'm sure it's the patch and Donna says you know what to expect this time...that coupled with a stage one patch...sorted! :)

Take it real slow. :)

I wanted it all to be done in about a week last time

"right....bored with this....want it finished now thank you..."

....but it doesn't work like that. It's a process...not an event.

It's surprising, if we allow ourselves, how quickly we can change years and years of "it"

Stay strong Sherri

I got every faith in you :)

Take care



Well done Sherri, keep posting, it'll get you through :)


Sounds like your in the wright frame of mind to succeed so good luck with your quit


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