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Making the right choice

Hi all. Just a quick check in. Now at 3 months and feeling better than ever. I never thought I would have got anywhere near here if it were not for me approaching this quit with a different attitude. Most of us who are older than their mid 40s will recognise it. It is this: I decided when I quit that this had to be the one or else I accepted the alternative of never quitting and dying youngish from a smoking related disease. I choose to stay quit. And I do not intend to go back. Don't get me wrong, I still have days that I feel a bit down or "the voice" tries to have a debate but they are fewer and the voice is getting quieter.:)

My most inspiring passage of text from a succesful quitter on an American site is this:

"If i had to pick a single factor that made this long-term success possible after so many failures, it would have to be my realization — and acceptance — of the fact that i'm an addict. as traumatic as it is to think of yourself that way, it's also incredibly liberating: because when that crave comes knocking, addicts only have two choices: feed the addiction, or don't feed it.

this is one of the few things in life that are truly black and white: feed it or don't. simple.

and as long as you're clear about the consequences of those choices, and accept the responsibility for making them, you can't make the wrong one."

Carry on quitting folks!


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Great post Doug and couldn't agree more... I have a sense of its now or never for me with this quit.

Well done for 3 months under your belt, hope it continues to go well for you

All the best

Donna :)


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