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Day 4 - not too bad

Hi Everyone

This is my first post after a few days lurking on this forum.

I quit on a Friday morning after a particularily heavy night out, so had the double whammy of a bad hangover and nicotine poison to help me through the day. I went to to the chemist, bought 4 weeks of patches and already had a spray mist from my last quit attempt in October 12.

Not too bad through the weekend, although I did eat more. I have found that changing all my routines have helped, even if it is just a small thing like getting dressed in the morning. I suppose my theory is, if I change, then my subconcious will follow.

Sorry for the long post, good luck to everyone, non smoking people seem to be happy without the can we.

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Hi and a huge welcome to the forum !

Well done on day 4 success , you are past the 'day 3 hump' and hopefully all will get a little smoother. A change of routine is a great idea, its something I still need to work on for the weekends.

Keep posting on here as there is nearly always someone to chip in with words of encouragement and tips etc.

Good luck and let us know how its going

Donna :)


Welcome Buskies, posting is better than lurking :D


Nice one Buskies, welcome to the forum and good luck with the quit!:cool:



Thanks everyone for your words of encouragement, feeling a bit wobbly today but thinking of the positives so far

Saved £40.44

I haven't spent any money this week at all, amazing, no trips to the cashpoint, less receipts in my purse.

Health Benefits

Haven't been into a newsagent in five days, sometimes 2 or three times day as I used to buy 10 cigarettes each time trying to convince myself that i was quitting, plus all the other junk I used to buy, diet coke, crisps etc whilst I was in there.


I don't feel so rushed in the morning becuase I want to throw some clothes on and rush downstairs for my first cigarette.


My husband is happier although he is not to excited yet as I have tried to quit many times, but he is treating me to a nice lunch at the weekend to celebrate 1 week :p


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