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Day 13 - Struggling

Hi everyone,

I am on day 13 of no smoking and a newbie to forums. Yesterday was a nightmare, nearly folded but would not give in. I feel like I am in mourning, like I've lost a friend. I am on stage 1 of the patches and 2mg lozenges to help the cravings, but I still feel as though something is missing. Although I don't want to ever smoke again or imagine every lighting up, when will this feeling pass???

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Hi Caz :)

I quit the same way as you are (and honestly, if I can quit anyone can do it!!) and know *exactly* how you feel 'cos I was the same. It's like an emptiness isn't it?

What I did was to roll up a post it note and pretend to smoke that - it sounds daft, but it really helped cure the emptiness!! I don't get it anything like as strong as I used to (am on 8 weeks now) and came off patches altogether today - haven't gone onto step 2, just using gum. :eek:

You've got the right attitude - you don't want to smoke ever again and that's half the battle. Coming on here helps loads too!!

Good luck

Gemma :)


Thanks Gemma,

Reading your reply and this forum has made me feel better. It's so encouraging reading other peoples posts and how they get through the day. Think this site might just be a life safer (literally).


Honestly Weezcat, It wiil get better, drink lots of water, keep busy read this forum, you will get lots of support. No one can tell you when it will get better, in fact it started to the second you stubbed out that last horrible cancer stick. Its your brain telling you its not good to Quit, but it is! Its one of the best things you can ever do. every ones quit is different but the craves do get less and less and your not alone, If you feel like your cracking up come on here and have a rant! you can do this!!!! :)


thanks for the support guys; wish I had found this site two weeks ago. Each reply is inspiring and I know I am gonna beat this addiction :D


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