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Day 3 pain

Hi All,

Just thought I'd share as I am now on day 3 but this quit is very different from my previous ones.I have a real hacking cough and seem to be constantly clearing my throat and I'm also having real trouble getting to sleep....I don't understand this as I thought ciggies kept you awake not the other way round!

I just feel like one big giant mess at present but on the plus side I can smell a bit more then usual , my taste is better and I don't stink like an ashtray!!!

Can someone tell me why I'm having sleep problems?

Thanks all and keep strong :)


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Jonny I am having same problems as you, I have started my second week now, and the cough came on bad at weekend, its a releif when the crap does come up, but when it doesnt its horrible, I did go and invest in one of those facial saunas yesterday, and that seems to ease the crap out a bit better and actually feels like the cough is achieving something.


Hi Jonny,

Just so you know, Ive experienced the same annoying cough...started by day 2 and still have it now on Day 8. Especially at night, however it is easing slightly.

Its been like hairs tickling my throat and neck, and the coughing has made my throat feel on fire. Only thing that has seemed to work, is to (TMI) cough the phlegm right up and OUT as much as you can. I know its not pleasant, but remember this is also part of your chest/lungs repairing themselves (at least thats how I look at it!). i have found strepsils helpful too.

Well done for getting through first few days, not easy as we all know. But I do think they are the hardest days, so your doing good, keep it up. xx


Best way to think of it is thats ur lungs and chest getting healthy again

Your doing well keep it u pal x


Thank you all for your help and kind words.

Knowing you are all so supportive stops me feeling so alone in all of this....Just hope I have a better night tonight....fingers crossed x


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