No Smoking Day
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Here's to day one

Hope this is going to post in the right place - apologies if not!!! So here we go - day one. Feeling pretty good at the moment. Am on patches with lozenges as back up but so far not had any of those. Dreading tonight as this is when I'd smoke the most but will deal with that as and when. Right now I haven't bitten anyone's head off so that's a good start! :) Claj


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Hi Claj,

Well done for making the decision to quit, everybody on here is very helpful.

Just take each day a step at a time you will get there :)



Hell Claj,and welcome to the boards where you will find lots of good advice and somewhere to come when a craving hits.....Im on patches too and on D5..:D


Hi Claj, Looks like you're in the right place. You've made a great choice. Now all you need to do is keep on going.

I've just hit week 5 and found it so much easier reading forums most days for maintaining a positive outlook.


Well done was patches with lozenges back up for me too for the first couple of months....but this forum was and still is a massive help too....stay strong...keep posting....and good luck.



Welcome, best advice I can give is not to,look too far ahead, baby steps, just take each step slowly. Wishing you all the strength in your quit journey.

Fi x


Hey Claj, Fi says, a little bit at a time, the days soon build up all by themselves :) and keep posting!


Hi Claj, you are soooooo in the right place. Share your experiences, work with others, ask for help if you need it and laugh in all the right places. Hope night 1 is turning out ok for you!

Welcome! :)


Hi Claj.......welcome to day 2!!! Well done for making the decision to move ever!!! How did last night go? Keep at it, stay busy and positive thought always! you can do it! xxxx


I can move to next day!

Thanks for the messages! Day one done so I'm moving over to day two thread. woooo hooo!


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