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Don't mind if I do.....


Hey My Fellow Quitters,

Long time no speak! So...I think this is my first post in this room, despite the fact that tomorrow I start Month...wait for it.....8, EIGHT, eight, the one after 7 and getting closer to 9 by the second...the more I say it, the better it sounds!!!!! And bwoy does it feel strange, strangely good I mean! :D

That's 2/3 of a full year without something that I could barely manage 2/3 of a day without!!! How desperately dependent must I have been back then? :( is everyone doing? I see some familiar faces in this room, some new ones and a few poking there noses in just to get a peep of what's to come for them!...

I am doing really well BUT I really do not want to become complacent towards my quit as I know that my mind often continues to wander towards the idea of smoking again and on the odd occasion when in the company of other smokers, I do find myself wanting to join them - BUT I DON'T!!

Like for example last night, I went to a hen party - to see the 'Dream Idols' Ladies and bwoy are they hot!!!! Sorry gents:p

.....Anyway, I digress - one of my friends said that she was going for a fag break during the intermission and my reaction to her surprise was 'aw...I soo wish I could join you right now!!' And that's all it was, a wish, a wish that if I am completely honest, one that I hope is NEVER EVER granted!!!

Once again, thank you to you all for your support and kind words...Long may ALL our quits reign!

Mimi xx

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Hi Mimi, well done on being quit for 8 months and keeping your enthusiasm going!

Can't type any more as I wan to get back to drooling over the pic you've posted! Yum! Dip one in honey and pass him my way please lol

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