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No Smoking Day
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Hello February!

I've had a fantastic weekend. Both my lads won their football matches and we did the dads' drinks at the club afterwards. I've watched my daughter play hockey (Mrs H and I normally split the runs, 3 into 2 doesn't go). I've watched the rugby, played games, cleaned boots, cooked and eaten a roast with the family, read the papers, and I've just finished some cheese with the remains of the shiraz.

Right now, this very second, it doesn't get any better. Actually it's nothing I haven't really done before, but previously I've been 'popping out' at regular intervals which has taken the edge off what's important.

I've just reflected on how I came about this forum, and realised that I've spent a month enjoying the good company, humour, encouragement and general companionship of a great group of people. Thank you!!!! This weekend I did it with my family, and really concentrated on it. It's really very good. And February has come, and with it my third month smoke free. I barely noticed.

I'm so pleased to have met my fellow Christmas Conquorers, and all of the people who saw the light before me and who light the way, and those who (like me) have chosen a new way of living this year. Everyone's doing so well! I'm really very pleased, very pleased indeed.

Hello month three.... :)

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well done

read what you had to say and it ,it lovely , well done , KEEP GOING , x


I'm genuinely really pleased for you, sounds like you had a really special day, I'm sure there will be many more. :)


What a lovely post....that really spurs me on. So pleased for you, and what a lovely family weekend you've had, sounds just great.

And the cheese & Shiraz sounded the perfect end to it!!!

Wishing you all the best for month three!!



Excellent post, and so glad you had a great weekend. Reading things like you wrote, just gives you the will power to keep going :)


I'm glad for you! You break the chains of slavery and that gives strength to me as a reader too


wow! Thanks guys and gals, chuffed to bits, got there with your help and you've been a big part of it!

Didn't really feel like a 'woohoo - month three' kind of experience, sidling gently through the door into a nearly empty room by the looks of it.

But then what kind of looney quits in early december just before the xmas parties, stressful planning in full swing, thought of mother-in-law arriving, flat broke cause we spent all the money on the kids' prezzies, cold and depressing....hey, let's quit smoking too!

Oh. That'll be me then :o:D


Hawk,there are a whole bunch of us packed into Month 2 room

We are kinda struggling for space in here

This gives you a great opportunity to spruce up Month 3 before we get there,since its not too full in there.I believe you are pretty good with a Dyson,cos Juju and Dean make a hell of a mess with crumbs :D

haha, can't wait Max, I'll get the marigolds on!

ummmm...errrrr...for spring cleaning that is.:o

months 4 and 5 are going to be one hell of a party :D


Great going Hawk my friend.....was it ever in doubt?

I doubt it!

(Hang on...confused myself now!)

Stay as strong and as positive as you are mucker and I only see one outcome :)

At the risk of using my current favourite word....awesome :D

Take care



Wotcha Hawkeye, I love posts like yours!!

You're so positive, you are going to get to the penthouse and enjoy all that means with the attitude you have. What's more, you'll carry loads of us along with you, without even setting out to! :D

By the way, get ready to boot Kazzytee out day after tomorrow, we've been waiting for her!

There's a place saved for you too in a month which is going to fly by :)

Molly x


Yeah .... right on Mols!

Ere...Hawk....give Kazzy a boot for me too while you're at it :D

Careful mind...she's a "gym-u-lite" now......bit like a ninja!!


Oi less of the boot!!!



What a lovely, lovely post. Thats all:)

Fi x


Oi less of the boot!!!

Ok, how's about point you in the right direction?


That's better, my backside is a bit sore!!


So Hawkeye, Month 3 room it is today!!!

Well done :D

Molly x


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