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the doldrums 26

Not posted much lately but today is feeling like one hell of a slow day. I think I've got to the point where the gloss and excitement of my quit has now worn a bit thin. Had all the pats on the back and well dones etc

Won't be giving in but today is just going to be one of those days :(

Anyway even typing this is helping and sorry to be moaning today


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Thanks for the kind reply Kat and your'e right, the forum is a great place for having a whinge as well as sharing the positive moments.

Put my name down for the pity party though if its happening any time soon :D

Clinging on for all its worth !!



Thanks Max .. everything you have said is so true and puts it back into perspective.

I do feel free and have lost those black thoughts which were always in the background when smoking knowing that its doing me no good health wise and bad for my self esteem.

Anyway your other 'post a photo' post has proved to be a welcome distraction, I'm off to search through god knows how many memory sticks to find a suitable one as the ones on my computer are of friends and family.

Yours is a great photo , definitely one to put on the desk at work. Loving the tan !! ( doesn't come easy to me as I'm fair)

battlig on

Donna :)


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