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No, it's not ruddy 'man-flu'!

I have a cold.

Now ladies might call it 'man-flu'. I swear if we chaps caught mumps (ball-achingly dangerous) then our wives/partners would call it 'man-mumps', tell us to 'man-up' and make us go out on the school run.

I've had the "aaah, bless you... now can you go and get some milk from tesco's cause we've run out" sarcasm from Mrs H for days. It's really 'only' a very bad cold.

But I digress. My cold came on sunday and for two days now I've been at the 'hackey clear out' stage.

Where this is relevant, is that I'm nearly two months into my quit, and until now there's been no cough. Nothing, nowt, not a single polite "ahem", which I hadn't expected, and it was worrying me a little.

Now I'm coughing loads, and excuse the mental picture I'm about to give's 'orrible. Dark, gunky rubbish, and it's about 50% more than when I've had a cold in previous (smoking) years.

So while I feel physically bad, I also feel emotionally good as I believe this is a good thing.

Maybe the cold has triggered a bronchial clear out, maybe the cilia are starting to wave again. Maybe, just maybe my lungs aren't wrecked as badly as I feared after all......

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No, it's not ruddy 'man-flu'! ........... errrrrrrrr....mine is!


Well, I'm hoping it starts here too soon mucker.

I have had no cough at all since I quit.

As Lostie doesn't always happen to everybody and at the fear of starting a 70's B-movie panic stampede for the exits ..... I read that you should be more worried at not coughing after giving up than if you hack yer toes through yer nose!

So....I'm hoping I will be in a position to share digital images of dark, gunky rubbish with you soon me old bird of prey beady! :D

(how nice would that be?)

(will there be prizes?!?!)


Hawkeye and Nifty

That's such a shame you are both so, so poorly...

I feel so, so sorry for Mrs Nifty and Mrs Hawkeye;)

Fi x


I caught a cold, too, but I'm not such a lucky man as you, Hawkeye1970. I have a high temperature and it seems someone is trying to break all my bones(


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