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Massive (literally!!) wibble

I'm gaining loads of weight now, my thighs ars rubbing together and all my jeans are tight :-( ugh how long does this compulsive eating last for? For a recovered anorexic I seriously think it was a bad idea giving up before losing all the baby weight :-( I genuinely would rather get fat than smoke but I do feel like this sudden weight gain is triggering past problems... Help!!! Xxx

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Hi Lois,

There's a thread going on started by Isha in Day 1. You're not alone by any means, suggest you take a look? Personally I've put on 8 pounds. Yikes, but I did read once that the relatively small increase in BMI is nothing compared to the benefits of giving up smoking.

So, back to the day 1 thread, it looks like frozen grapes are doing it for the girls in more ways than one. Never saw them as an erotic food, but hey what do us guys know? :confused:;)

Actually to be honest I can't really give advice, I'm scared to and while I'm sure you're completely fine, if you don't feel ok about this soon then maybe best go see someone??



Dreaded weight.

Hi Lois

Yes, putting on weight is something I've done too. However, I do know that losing weight will be no where near as difficult as stopping smoking.

As far as eating is concerned - I've found that so long as I gorge on fruit - any fruit really - my weight seems to stay the same. Maybe with fruit since there is so much fibre, you get full before too many calories are consumed. Drinking lots of water helped too.

My weight gain came from gorging ( and I mean gorging :eek:) on things like ice cream and cake.


Am not going to get on the scales Lois, so know what you mean!!

I lost tons of weight when I started smoking this time around, and am determined there's going to be something good come out of almost 3 years of sucking that muck into myself this time round so don't want to put it all back on, but I'm definitely more an 8 than a 6 now.

I have found that loading up on water helps, but obviously that has, um, side effects :p

Anyway, if we can give up smoking we can shift a bit of weight can't we? :)


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