No Smoking Day
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3 weeks smoke free..quit champix though

3 weeks 1 day no smoking..:D

have quit the champix though as seriously im like a zombie

and cannot deal with the memory loss an lack of control over my mind an body

Im being evicted on the 23rd Jan so need to pack an try find somewhere to live

with my son..

wish me luck please

an merry chrimbo everyone..i asked in supermarket if there open tomo thats how spaced out i was:eek:

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Well done for quitting with so much going on in your life Julie, you're doing great!!

Hope you get a nice new place ASAP :)

Good luck!


Good luck finding a place to live. You are doing great on your quit, well done.


thank you

happy new year everyone

Im 4 weeks smoke free now..came off the champix but still feel high an rushing about an hyper energy..not all the time but sometimes

how long til i feel normal again? anyone know?

Soon as drs open im going see them but this up/down hyper is driving me nuts

my house is a tip an im out tonight..x


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