No Smoking Day
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Never Again!

Would like to list my reasons for quitting as a reminder for myself when I'm tempted!

1 - Cough, cough, cough, from September I've developed the most horrible cough, causing me a number of arguments with my girlfriend as it kept waking her up, I tried living in denial saying it was due to a cold, but when it didn't shift for months on end I accepted it was due to the smoking, now I'm not smoking it's already gone. Hallelujah!

2 - The smell. Now I've stopped, it hits me every time I open my wardrobe, everything smells of smoke, I'll be having a clothes wash-a-thon over the Christmas break.

3 - Money, the cost of my little addiction a totally unacceptable expense. Not another penny will be spent!

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3 - Money, the cost of my little addiction a totally unacceptable expense. Not another penny will be spent!

...spent instead on ..... good food, fine wine, relaxing evenings out, new clothes, music, a car, a house......a speed boat!! :D

Well done Matt :)

Sound like damn good reasons to me :)




I hear you on the wardrobe

Mine was clean (!!) towels. Get out of the bath or shower, grab a towel out of the cupboard and eurghhhhh horrible stale smoke smell :mad:

But no more :D


Haha I'm totally there with the towels, they have already been washed, repeatedly!

Greg, I'm not sure what it will be spent on my girlfriend has seen the app I'm using which keeps track of it all, so I'm sure that she has got some grand plan on where it's going ha :(


Everything smells nicer when you quit. You smell nicer, your house smells nicer, your car, your clothes, the world around you. Your nose starts working overtime and aromas come back to you which you'd forgotten... like spring. You wait till spring. It smells amazing!!

And as for money... you have a look at the stats of people who've been quit for a few months, or a year or more... they save a small fortune. You could go on holiday on the proceeds.

And as for the cough... well, the implications of getting rid of that go without saying.

So all in all, great reasons, great decision, you are doing an awesome thing. Stick with it, come what may!

Helen x


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