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Explosion imminent!

Goodness me, i feel like i'm going to pop, i have an incredible insatiable hunger at the moment, it started a few days ago and i cant stop..... its not a fag crave its a fat crave.... i think i seriously may pop and splatter my workmates in a Mr Creosote style sketch.... arrrrg... help my fellow quitters heeeeeyyyylp!!!

I'm stuck on the cadburys railroad tracks about to be squished to death by waggon wheels and then all i'll be able to see is popping candy on the rocky road....

Has anyone else had this absolute gorging madness.... i am 14 weeks or so into this quit..... i wonder if its the weather, and i'm feeling a bit illing and i would otherwise have gone and got some 'fresh air'. Maybe i should go and get a superstrength coffee instead......


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Been there

Yep - I've had fat cravings too.:mad:

I basically just gorged for a while then I thought "this can't go on". Soooo some of the things that I found helped included:

Chewing gum until my jaw ached

Drinking loads of water

Strenuous exercise tends to take away my appetite - maybe so much sugar is released into the bloodstream that it takes away hunger.

Eating loads of fruit and vegetables - this did help - they don't have the same calorie load as the chocolate I would want to eat.

The important thing to remember is that these cravings do go away. They don't last for ever. I think mine would last about 2 days maximum.

Hang in there - you're doing very well.:)


chocolate all day every day by the pound, i wont be richer for quitting cos now i spend it on choc

have a coffee and breathe xxxxxx


Thanks guys,

I had some coffee with my sugar and i think i may be okay for the moment, i haven't stuffed anything in my mouth for ages!!!

(well whole minutes) which is a start.... i'm so not normally like this.... getting my butt back to slimming world on thursday, maybe i'm having a last cake blow out.

Must get back onto the exercise trail too.... lordy... this cold weather just makes me want maaaaashed potato..... in VATS.... Mmmmm comfort Maaash




mashed potato sandwiches

yum that is all


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