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Messed up

Just to let everyone know,i failed on my giving up smoking attempt but i shall be back,managed to get to day 15,the oldest daughter moved out after a row,but the final straw was when my 16 yr old ran away for a week,social services etc involved,anyhow hes home again now n all is fine,house move next week,then i shall be back,just want to say a big thanks and sorry to all the people who supported me on here,im sorry i let you all down

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We will be here for you hun, don't you worry

Good luck with house move


We will look forward to having you back when you are ready. Good luck with the move.


Good luck with your move and glad things got sorted out at home. Come back when you are ready:)


Hi Bay

Our Children eh - we will always love them, we just don't like their behaviour sometimes!! Sorry you've had an upset, but glad to see things have improved.

Hope your house move goes well. Nice new hone, new start, so see you back on here soon!

Fi x


Hey Baybi, such a shame but sounds like you've had a massive amount to deal with. Hope all goes well for your move and we will all be here to support you when you decide to quit x


Dont feel bad, you tried and you will have learnt and you will succeed, and you have not let us down, you may even have helped some people which is probably small comfort to you. Got to love yourself and then you know that you deserve to be a non smoker. However hard it is, try to remember that cigarettes are not helping you in this situation, it may just be that you dont have the energy to devote to yourself and your (Wait for the cliche) journey right now.Thinking of you.


15 days is fantastic. Before you know it you will be back on the horse and celebrating not 15 days, but 15 weeks, 15 months, 15 years.

Be proud of what you achieved and look forward to what you will achieve.


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