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Day 13

Hi All,

Im on Day 13. I am 26 and have been smoking since I was about 20, so not too long ! I've been using the inhalator and patches not at the same time. Mainly the inhalator but on patches every few days for a change.

I am starting to think have i just replaced one thing for another or have i actually stopped smoking.

I am happy with how I am doing and i do think that it is actually all down to me telling myself that I will never smoke again!

What do you all think?

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Hi, I'm in glasgow too. If you don't put a cig in your mouth and light it then you have stopped smoking:D NRT is not smoking and you can use patches and an inhalator together. Have a look at lots of posts and they will keep you on the right path.


If you're not smoking then you're doing well, that has to be the aim at the start particularly.....forever's a long time though, "I'm not going to smoke today" was easier for me to deal with :D Well done on 13 days, keep posting on here, it works!


Hi Glasgowguy

This feeling of swapping one addiction for another is very common in smokers who use NRT to quit. I feel somewhat the same.

But the nicotine in NRT is a much lower medicated dose and is no where near as bad as smoking! As time goes on you will definitely feel the difference between NRT and smoking .... your lungs will begin to feel sooo much better!

The one thought against NRT is that we are actually delaying the process but I am happy to carry on the way I am now and slowly reduce my intake in the near future.

If you are happy with your progress then keep going my friend! :)

It will just get better and better!

Well done getting this far and stay strong,




Well done Glasgow guy for quitting, as the others have said dont worry too much about th NRT just concentrate on not smoking, you are doing great!


Well done Glasgowguy, I'm with everybody on this too, there is nout wrong with using NRT if it keeps u off the cigs, so keep it going


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