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Day 5

Still here and on day 5, well who would have thought it? For some reason this time it feels so much easier, I know that this time is going to last forever. I know that I will never smoke again. I dont want nicotine in my life anymore so I am not going to let it in anymore. I've actually started looking forward to the cravings and I challenge them when they arrive.

"C'mon is that the best you can do? I gave 30 years of my life to you, and that's the best you can do? Ha ha ha you stupid little crave, I'm stronger than you."

Its funny cos the craves soon back down from me. Within a few seconds they are gone, each one feels lesser and easier than the last, and not lasting as long.

Today I will not smoke but I will conquer the crave instead.

May x

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Hi May

Well done you! :D

Let them in then stamp all over them! hehe

You sound very strong but I still wish you all the luck and strength in the world to continue your quit.

Stay strong :)

Take care



Hi May,

it's great to see you with such a fantastic attitude. I am just letting it pass over me. It's so much easier than I remember. I think it is true what they say, it's all in the mind. My mind just doesn't want to support me poisoning myself anymore so it has allowed me to see the truth. I don't think I will ever be that positive or encourage cravings just so I can beat them. I would rather not have the memory of it in any way, shape or form so the sooner I am over it all the better.

Well done for sharing your experience. It is great for newbies to see exxactly the types of quits available and what others have went through. I can also keep track with how far I am through your posts. What are you using for your quit?


fair play :)

you sound like you are taking these cravings and telling them exactly what they can do, as they dont control you, you control you :D

Keep going with the positive attitude

We're all behind you


I am on day 5 today . Like you I am finding it so much easier this time. I have fought the cravings instead of dwelling on them. ( before I would keep thinking just one puff to make this go away, and that thought would be there and at some stage I would cave in) this time I am thinking oh no I won't . I am feeling better to a point, today I feel a bit groggy, like I have flu but I don't have flu. I hope its just my body changing or something. I am a bit deflated too because while I didn't think I was eating much more I have a few lbs up on the scales since last week, eeeeeeeeek. Hope that doesn't continue. Still though, I can tackle that again.


Well done Biddypat and Felic, you're both sounding determined and strong, nice going.


well done all of you, keep it up stay strong you are winning and we're here egging you on every step of the way xxxxx


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