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missing my companion


Been a difficult week because my dear doggy companion died on sunday and it's been a really sad time for all who knew her. :(

My bro-in law texted to say that he was sitting in the airport remembering happier times with tears streaming down his face and everyone was looking at him. I told him to go put some clothes on!

Looking on the bright side, I haven't really had an impulse to smoke. I THINK today I celebrate 4 weeks and am sticking tiny patches on each day but if I don't then I seem to feel a gaping hole inside so I'm likely still addicted.

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Suze you are doing so well staying of the cigs under the circumstances, you must have an extremely strong will power, so good on ya.

As for your furry friend I'm truly sorry, (((Big hugs )))


thank you

like changing my smoking habits, I think I can cope better when I just don't think about it so better depart from here again x


Sorry about ur dog.. And well done for not smoking.

I think 4 weeks is a short time to be worring if ur still an addict, for you it a long and great attchivement. But for the addiction it's hardly any time. It will take a good few month for you to adjust to a smoke free life.. And still now( I'm on month 7) I still get a silly crave.. So don't beat ur self up about it.. I find that the ppl who rush their quits along. Are more than likely to go back smoking as they think they should be cured after a few weeks..


I agree with Shelley. It takes more than a few weeks before you can allow yourself to think the worst is over. Just when things start easing up you come down to earth with a bump. New quitters should be reading posts of people who have been quit longer. Of course there is the exception but they are few and far between.

Sorry about your dog. I miss having a dog but I hate saying goodbye and I've done it too often.


I am on my 11 month and the other day I thought about stopping at the store to buy a pack. I didn't but it sneaks up on you...just so you know....ppat


So sorry to hear about your wee dog :( - [[]] well done for staying a non-smoker during such a difficult time x


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