No Smoking Day
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wk 3 12 days as a non-smoker

feeling brilliant, went into guildford yesterday, xmas shopping, and my hubby gave me £200.00 to spend on myself for doing so well with not smoking,walking down the street in guildford yesterday and there was 2women who were smoking all i wanted to do is go up to them and let them know how dirty it was? even the smell of smoke makes me want to be sick, my taste buds are bk and food and coffee ect taste so different what the hell have i missed? :D As i say i feel really goooooooooooooooooooooooood about myself....

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You say you're 'feeling brilliant and really good' - well that just sums up how well you're doing in your quit. Well done my love:)

Fi x


Good on you Tres, enjoy the freedom.....and a few quid :D


Well done Tres, feels great doesn't it?

So spill what did you treat yourself to?




I treated my self to 2 pairs of jeans skinny, 4 jumpers, and still came bk with £50.00. are u doing with the no smoking? Tres xx


Well done Tres

One slight mistake though ...... you shouldn't have come back with the £50!

You'll just have to go back out and spend it tomorrow!


So glad you are feeling brilliant!

Long may it last :)

Take care




You sound so positive Tres, well done! Keep it up and as AB says enjoy the freedom:)


Wow great stuff Tres, though Greg is should spend the other £50!!

My quit is going ok thanks, almost 2 weeks down, and like you loving the freedom and the fresh clean smells! I walked past someone in the supermarket yesterday who reeked so much of fags I almost passed out!! Yuk!!

Karen x


Well done tres! And lucky you with the £200 quid. I could do with a bit of cash to splash.:rolleyes:

I still haven't got over the revulsion at the smell of heavy smokers. there was one next to me on the bus this morning and it was making me feel so sick, I had to hold a tissue to my nose and pretend I had a cold. YUCK.


I treated my self to 2 pairs of jeans skinny, 4 jumpers, and still came bk with £50.00. are u doing with the no smoking? Tres xx

Skinny Jeans Tres, Show off:). Enjoy your new purchases!

I love charity shops and have got some really cracking bargains. I buy all my dogs cuddly toys, and towels, etc Pre kindle I got most of my reading material too. I always look for new stuff, and picked up a lovely top today, brand new, still with tags on, very expensive at £4.00!

I always look for good brands, however, didn't recognise this particular one, so I've just looked it up on tinternet, its only from an online outsized shop, but hey that's OK, I love it, and it's current stock and it cost £65!!!

So, apart from weight gain, quit going well thanks Tres, just past the 10 weeks, soooo pleased:)

Fi x


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