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Champix and Anxiety

Have been taking Champix for 8 weeks or so. I found after a few weeks that I was feeling anxious. It wasn't so easy to spot this since I'm under a fair amount of stress anyway.

At that stage I was taking 2 x 1mg tablets a day, so I reduced the dose to 3 x 0.5mg per day (by cutting the 1mg tablets in half). A two weeks later the feeling of anxiety came back, so I reduced the dose to 2 x 0.5mg per day. A week later the anxiety came back again, and after a further reduction to 1 x 0.5 mg per day (taken with breakfast) the anxiety went away. This is where I am now.

The point of writing this is to say that the Champix may cause some anxiety (not unbearable in itself). This anxiety is added to the "natural" anxiety you are feeling anyway. The combination of the two may make you feel very anxious. If this is happening then it may help to reduce the dose rather than come off Champix entirely. That way the anxiety should reduce to manageable levels, while still benefiting from the continued use of Champix.

There is an additional benefit in that you would be gradually coming off Champix as well, which should make it easier when you finally stop using it.

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Well done

Hi Biggrin

congratulations on quitting while you're under stress. You've also done well to recognise the anxiety and act accordingly.

I found Champix effective in stopping smoking and I had no problems coming off it. I can't recall having anxiety problems, but my major adjustments have been getting used to different intensities of emotions.

I have come to the conclusion that smoking is a complex habit and for some people the effect on neurotransmitters is significant.


Thanks for your words nonico.

I haven't seen much (or any) commentary on the effect of quitting on the emotional life. Clearly you are experiencing increased emotions, and are having to get used to that. Perhaps for people who are already uncomfortable with emotion, or have a great deal of repressed emotion, an increase in emotion arising from quitting may be intense. It might drive them to start smoking again.

If that is true then the emotional hurdles to quitting need to be considered in addition to the mental and the physical.



Hi Biggrin

Yes, I don't hear the words "emotions" associated with giving up smoking, yet I do hear of people experiencing anxiety, anger, and sadness. Maybe it's just the use of the language, and emotions do come into it. I think some people refer to it as the "mental" aspect of smoking too.

I would probably go as far as to say that smoking cigarettes is a mind altering habit. I don't know if other people would agree with me here.:confused:


Fair comment about the different words people use to describe emotions.

Smoking cigarettes probably is a mind altering habit. One thing I know for sure is that quitting smoking is definately mind altering! :(


Biggrin you are doing so well Hun, keep going:D

Anxiety, depression and all of those are not funny and are extremely difficult to cope with at the best of times, and even more now you've quit smoking..

I do know as have suffered for over 20yrs but on meds for it ( low dose now ):D

Just keep pushing forward Hun just think 2 more days and you've been a mth smoke free, now that is an excellent achievement

Good luck don't let the demons get u down your to strong for that and were all extremely proud of u Sian xx (((hugs)))


Thanks Sian :)



I am on day 6 of champix after smoking 35 per day for 16 years. I too am feeling anxious and im still on 0.5 milligram twice daily. I dont actually feel like a cigarette anymore, but i am still smoking 7 a day due to habit. In my smoking life i would be stressed so i would have a cigarette. Trying to break this habit, but still really on edge


Trust me peta I stopped with champix in 2009/2010 for 7 months, when you get to the 14th day the cigarettes do nothing for you, they taste foul and you get no buzz whatsoever....my tip is set that quit date now keep taking the champix and never look back...a bit of willpower helps and eep visiting this forum too....you can do it...


thanks :) my quit date is 20th jan, and im determined that that date is it. No turning back. I am actually getting very excited about this day. No more wasting money, no more stinky, no more stressing about when i can next have a cigarette. Ive found that smoking causes more stress than my four kids lol.

Today is day 7 and i took the tab an hour and a half ago. the anxiety is not half as bad today as it was yesterday, i hope it doesnt get worse when i go onto full strength


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