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Day 25

Hi all just to let you all know that day 25 is here for me and i'm still strong as ever,still on the champix but i will be doing a full 12 week course to succeed.I feel cravings are at a minimum for me i don't know if its the tablets that are subsiding them or true belief,i will concur this demon drug and i will post my success to all my friends on this site so they can all join together and tell the drug to sod off then the government as they take all the tax lol,good luck all its looking ever stronger every day to say i will be a success story and fingers crossed one day i can put myself in the we quit hall of fame oh yes.:D

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Welldone Steeza, it is nearly a whole month.


Well done Steeza

You sound as strong as ever :)





All the best.

All the best. I did the full course of Champix and it worked for me. Champix took the edge off the cravings and by the time the course had finished I had got used to not smoking so it was OK to come off the Champix.


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