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Is this Normal Withdrawl Symptoms


I am on week 2/3 and I am sleeping a lot, put my head on the sofa and I am out cold, wake up after 30 mins or so for a few seconds then out cold again, this goes on all night, and if it was not for sky + i would have missed every programme for the past 2 weeks.

Also, my face feels hot and prickly and have one cold sore that has been there for a week now.

I used to smoke 2- - 30 a day and stopped completely, apart from an ecig puff every 2 hour or so.

Concentration also is not good, and good job things are quiet at work or I could not cope.

Anyone else had similar symptoms

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I slept most of the time for a few weeks and couldn't concentrate on anything. Didn't have te other symptoms but I bet others have.


Thanks Uma

Nice to know other people have had same symptons.

I guess stopping will bring out every ailment possible, as been 30 years of 30 a day, so lots of crap to get rid of.

One thing I can say is that I am a lot calmer since stopping, before would snap at everyone, now I am like a buddist in a temple



There is an endless list of symptoms in the quit smoking journey and you'll see many, many of them on here. Each person is different, and will have their own stories to tell.

As Una says, she was tired/lack of concentration like yourself. I was the opposite regarding sleep, I just couldnt the first few weeks and was a very bad mood bear, Buddhist in a temple I was not!!

I know I would have much preferred lots sleep to none, so enjoy the cosy naps!!!

Fi x



It was around week 2 I could of slept on a washing line with horrible dreams then went complete the other way fro 2 weeks and only slept for what seem an hr then the second the alarm went off I wanted to sleep :rolleyes:

But now well into my 2nd month its getting easier and sleep is pretty much back to normal... well normal for me lol

Your body has been full of crap for yrs and it will take a little time to kick it all out again - you may even find your gums bleed where the oxygen finds the nerves again lol dont panic and well done - keep going :D


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