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Confession time :(

Ok so was on champix and had to stop, so then cold turkey for a week, no nicotine in system for 17days but then yesterday afternoon horrendous cravings

As some of u know:eek:

Well I've got 1mg lozengers and had 1 of them yesterday, feel like I've cheated, but then 2day I've had 2 of them:(

I m beating myself up because going 17day with no nicotine then I've used it,

Sorry everyone but at least I'm not smoking:confused:

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You got it in one: You aren't smoking. This is the key, and the only thing that matters.

As you know, beating yourself up about "cheating" with lozenges (playing mindgames with yourself really) is pointless (although easily done!).

I think ShortStuff was saying that she snaps the lozenges in half, or even into quarters - perhaps that would be of help ???

Your doing great, Sian, 17 days in the bag and counting.


thanks karri and biggrin:D

i'm so happy i got to 18days smoke free, but did feel crappy about using nrt, but then i suppose using the nrt is better than smoking itself :)

thank u to u both xx


I think theres two parts to smoking one is the habit/routine and one is the Nicotine addiction.Not sure what Champix does. Takes desire/pleasure away from smoking? Taking the odd lozenge here and there is good as it will keep the Nicotine addiction happy while you deal with the habit side.I used lozenges(broken in half)for the first 3days and then tried to run before I could walk and stopped them.Had a crisis time on day13 and someone on the forum said maybe Id stopped the NRT too early so every time the craves got too much Id have a half tab.Before I knew it I had gone 5wks without one! Anyway as my mum said its better to be addicted to Nicotine tabs than to smoke! All the best Sian x


thanks soosan

im only using 1 or 2 lozengers a day so im sure its not that bad but then at least im not smoking:D to be fair i have no desire to smoke any more if that makes sense??

but i do miss it very strange :confused:

Sian xx


nrt isn't frowned on here :)

..... :( :( :(


Thanks karrie:)

You haven't started smoking have u ????

Sian x


Sian is only 17 hours in. Better a bit of NRT for a day or 2 than to throw in the towel like me x

Whatever it takes.

Snake oil and unicorn juice if it helps. :)


Whatever gets you thru the night is alright

Blimey I am glad you found something Day 17 sounded Baaaad. I threw away my fags without planning cos I was too ill to smoke. I found 2 lots of patches from a previous attempt, so I slap one on my bum every morning. They are 3 years out of date so I dont know how juicy they are. I found some old lozenges and I also suck one if necessary. I know people prefer cold turkey but I have tried and found I was a gibbering wreck even more focussed on cigarettes than when I was smoking. I am not wanting to buy more NRT when this runs out because then I may just start to fetishize the whole business, but right now it is helpful to remember what normal and unaddicted feels like, and if I need to I will.Jealous of your six dogs Sian . I have 2 greyhounds and an otterhound cross. Wondering if I could squeeze in a poodle...

You are going well, and its all so worth it.


i believe you are right mrsm, i only using lozengers in real times of need which is usually when my 3 kids come in from high school;) that tends to be my worse craving time:eek:

My dogs are loving me giving up as when i not at work im walking them loads to get over the cravings lol

keep it up mrsm u doing really well xx


don't beat ur self up about it.. It's NRT not a real fag. It's there to help you with cravings. So have it when you need it..

NRT is NOT barred on here. It's bin a savour to most quitters


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