Month 2

Offically today marks the start of month 2 for me!!!!

The first month has actually gone quite fast and despite a few drama's has definatley been easier than I imagined!


I'm off on my first holiday as a non-smoker tomorrow, which I'm sure will bring its own set of triggers, but for now I'm feeling strong and sure I can get to my next target of new years eve without a smoke!

5 Replies

  • Congratulations. I can remember how it felt to have gone a whole month.

    Enjoy your holiday

  • On day one of my quit the idea of a week without smoking was impossible to grasp. Here you are with a whole month smoke-free. Very well done. Have a good holiday.

  • Have a great holiday and well done on a month quit!:)

  • Well done Bubb, have a fab holiday adn just think of all those extra bottles of "smellies and drinkables" for xmas pressies you can now get with the extra cash saved over the past month :D

  • Bub

    Month 2, well done you! Enjoy your hols:)

    Fi x

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