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14 days....and Im feeling good!

Hi All

I am new to the site, I stopped smoking on 19th October 2012 after a long lecture from my three children! But I am focused now on never having another puff. Started with NRT, but have decided to go cold turkey as I think it will only prolong the agony. Day 14 today!

Its great to read all your stories, gives a sense of team work!!

Stopped 19th Oct 2012

20+ a day

NRT and now cold turkey


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Sounds similar to the reasons I quit with my 3 kids also lecturing me all the time :D

Sometimes I wondered who was the parent lol

I'm on day 16 and the health benefits are great, I'm loving not smelling of cigs :cool: cravings come and go but keep fighting them off,

This forum has been a great help and to be fair with out every1 on here and my 3 kids I would have struggled to get this far

Good luck Hun, keep it up xx


Hi Gally, welcome to the forum. You'll find lots of good advice here and reading lots of posts will keep you away from the dreaded weed. Well done on your 2 weeks. Bet it feels great to have accomplished that.:)


Thanks Sian and Una

Yes I did feel like the child, also I felt angry, which is so wrong as they are trying to help!!

This forum is a fab place to get through those hard moments when it suddently raises its ugly head out of the blue!!

Thanks Guys xxxx


Welcome Gally, glad you can join us. Don't feel you have to hold back when you need to rant during those hard moments. Even though I have only recently quit, I get the occasional moment of complacency. The rants remind me how tough quitting can be at times, and bring me back to earth with a large bang - which I am grateful for!


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