No Smoking Day
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Ive finally stumbled in to week 3

Ive managed 15days smoke free :D:D

craving like mad, lost, my gums keep bleeding??? not sure whats that about... could be the murray mints that have become my best mate...

i never thought id manage this far after stopping the chamix a week ago especially now im cold turkey, but my temper has calmed since stopping taking the champix ;)

anyway best get going good luck to all

Sian xx

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Well done Sian. Don't worry about the gums bleeding as it happens to lots of people.


thanks Una i was a bit worried about the gums..

Sian xx


Yeah... apparently smoking restricts bloodflow to the gums (one of the reasons smokers commonly have tooth problems). When you stop the bloodflow increases quickly, which can cause a few problems with bleeding. It should sort itself out in a few weeks.

Just another thing healing itself!

You're doing really fab to reach 15 days. Keep going, onwards and upwards!

Hels x


Well done Sian, I had bleeding gums for a while but they are ok now. I got them checked by my dentist and he confirmed there was no gum disease so it is definitely a symptom of stopping smoking :D


Well done

The bleeding gums is a good thing as its a sign of ur gums begging to have blood flow again. As smoking hardens them and stops the blood from flowing in them. My dentist told me this


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