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2nd week going great

Morning all i am now in day 10 and i have conquered the second weekend smoke free,it feels great to feel like i was when i didn't smoke,i think back memories when i was in the army cadets and made that fatal move on a weekend exercise when we were all in the wreck room and i tried that death stick,from then on i was hooked,young and foolish,i am sticking to the plan from the nurse,i am on champix and they are doing the trick happy happy happy,stick to it people and keep clean.:D

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Well done Steeza, I'm glad it's going smoothly for you. I quit at almost the same time as you, and am also starting to remember snippets of the times before i started, and what it felt like to be a non-smoker. I'm also finding that now my sense of smell has improved so much, I'm noticing smells that I haven't experienced for over 20 years! They bring back memories too. Interesting and satisfying isn't it!



Well done to you both. 2 weeks is great.

It was about that time when my sense of smell came back with a vengance. Problem being it was all the nasty smells that became more prominant. Smell of smokers becomes really bad (i was one not long ago so not having a go at smokers) and you can litterally smell a smoker a mile off in that early stage. I think the smell of smoke or smokers is much more prominant when you have recently quit. I have got to say i was out with 3 smokers on friday night and i couldnt smell them as much as recently so maybe the bloodhound in us wears off.

Anyway - happy sniffing and keep up the good work!!


well daone steezer and briggin, im now at day 12 but had to stop the champix 2 days ago as was having very bad reaction to it, turned evil and had suicide thoughts so wasnt into that at all as never happened before:confused::confused:

anyway never mind doing it on will power now fingers cross

hopefully we'll all make it in to week 3 :D

Sian xx


Well done guys, you doing fab!!! It's a great feeling when another day passes, then another etc you can both do it... and trust me you do get immune to the nasty new smells, I live in the country and when a farmer dumped a tractor full of crap on his field OMG PoooooooEeeeeeeee - but it fades as you get used to it... Just like we couldnt smell how much we stank and other smokers but we can now lol so hopefully that will fade too as icanbreath said

heres to another 10 and a life time hasstle free days :D


Ican and Shortx, interesting what you say about sense of smell. I do have a bit of an attitude problem towards smokers at the moment - I expect it's because I feel they are a threat to my quit.

Sian, sorry to hear the champix was giving you a hard time. Good luck with your ongoing quit.

Thanks all for the encouragement.


Thanks for all the support and well done Biggrin for sticking at it too,i haven't had no bad reactions on the champix as i researched it and it gave me advice in regards to eating a good breakfast at about 7:30am then taking it and then at tea time(my work lunch as i work late shift)with a good meal,i also drink plenty of water which is advisable as it dehydrates your body,i was told not to take it too late as it would be like throwing water on gizmo or giving him food after 11:30(gremlins)in which the gremlins appear,that's the only advice i can give and if the champix didn't work for you see the nurse for a tub of 0.5mg champix as there half strength keep up the great work we can beat this dam devil:)


I have quit smoking roll ups now for 11 days and 4 hours and haven't had 223 smokes and Ive saved £39.08p happy days:)


You guys are doing brilliantly! Well done all of you!:)


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