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nearly 11 weeks

Hi all

Well it's nearly 11 weeks since I quit, and it's 4 days since I stopped the champix.

One thing I've noticed since stopping champix is that I am falling asleep easier and waking up feeling like I've actually been asleep! For the whole time I was on the champix I struggled with insomnia and permanent tiredness. I'm still really tired but definately more normal in terms of the sleep I'm having.

Also, major triumph over potential triggers today. I started new job at work today after a promotion - which also entailed returning to the office I left a year ago - so now back with all my friends at work who are also smokers! Got through it really easily and didn't even feel tempted to join them when they all trooped out to the garden area for their fag breaks.


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Wow 11 weeks Lauren, that is a decent amount of time to be quit! Well done girl, you done good. I think that has absolutely flown by. The Champix are history now (they are only a small part of it anyway) Take each and every day as it comes now and enjoy being a non smoker and all the benefits that come with it, you little star!:)


Lauren. I am so pleased for you......and proud of you. Was gutted when you slipped first time.....can hardly believe you are at 11 weeks. Wow. You've SO got this in the bag. Congrats on the promotion. Keep on keepin on. :) x


Ooops! Thanks for that Dippy I forgot to say congratulations on the promotion:)


Well done Lauren and congratulations on the promotion.:D:D:D


Thank you girls :D

Credit where credit's due... I know we can only stop when we want to stop... but seriously you both have helped me through this enormously with all the support and advice... not just directly but reading what you've advised others... and also reading your earlier posts when you were first starting off.

Priceless forum this is :D



Way to go girl! Well done on getting a promotion and for doing so well in your quit. It sounds very much like this is the one! Well done.

Fi x


Well done, Lauren - that's great news...11 weeks and a promotion, congratulations! :)


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