wow, feel worse for stopping

Hi all and congratulations to all that has managed to give up, I have given up a few times in the past with the longest being for 11 months and didnt really feel bad throughout those stages of giving up...this time, wow....i fell like i am 80( i am 36) every joint aches so bad, i am cold all the time even with the heating on and wrapped up like a xmas present, i feel weak,tired generally like c**p....I dont and wont smoke again but just seeing if any of you guys are feeling the same???? also a constant kind of heartburn/acidy kind of feeling...I dont want to go to the docs as usually wait until the last moment as dont want to waste their time (they have enough time wasters clogging the days up)

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  • Congrats on making it this far. I am the same as you been smoke free for two weeks start week three tomorrow but I have never felt so bad.

    Had the first few days withdrawal then felt good for few days then came sore throat all over body ache. Headaches feeling sick. Plus side is I have felt so bad this last week the last thing I have wanted to do is hAve a ciggy. I am hoping this next week isn't as bad and I start to feel all the benefits to giving up.

  • I'm on day 20 and I had similar symptoms. I put the coldness down to circulation and lower blood pressure so for me I was quite happy putting an extra layer on! Acid reflux they say is a side affect of NRT (not sure if your using anything?) and the weak, aching joints, tiredness might just be your body adjusting to the chemicals doing one! I had that more the first 3 days but did cold turkey so if your on NRT it may be different. I was feeling quite run down early on so took to exercise and this has had huge benefits on my sleeping patterns and general well being.

    Anyway I think all the symptoms now are temporary and are much better than the alternative.

    Well done to you both on getting this far.. You are well and truly winning! Keep going and stay strong!

  • Hi Nick

    To be honest I think you,ve got the flu! So, I would treat it as such, lots of rest, drink, and TLC, and hopefully you,ll feel better soon. Good luck in your quit.

    Fi x

  • Hi Nick

    To be honest I think you,ve got the flu!

    Oh no, hope its not man flu, you could be like it for weeks. Lie in bed and watch telly with lots of drinks, preferably alchol based and make sure you get plenty of TLC

    Feel for ya

  • Man flu.. Oh no!! I didn't realise it was that bad! I'll call the vicar ;)

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