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No Smoking Day
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1 Calendar Month Today

It has been a calendar month today since my quit and can I'm chuffed. I can honestly say its getting easier by the day. I am not complacent though, but can say I haven't had any really bad urges to smoke. I'm really adjusting well to life without smoking. However, having said that, I have deliberately had a quiet month, not been far and have yet to go out socially.

Thai Dinner Dance on Saturday, so looking forward to that.

I am still on the 21mg 24 hr patches and I am sure that this is lulling me into a false sense of security. I'll take the Pharmacists advice as to when I,ll reduce patch strength, and to be honest not looking forward to losing my comfort blankety!

This quit is different, it was impulsive, and different to ANY other. Education, tinternet, and reading a lot has helped, as has posts and real life experiences on this Forum.

On previous quits I think I looked at it being an event, rather than a journey. I definitely didn't take 1 step, or 1 crave at a time, I was always, always, constantly thinking about smoking, and panicked about forthcoming events, and the future. I am no longer wishing the days away, and trying to take things in my stride and enjoying the now.

I'm still not feeling confident enough to advice to anyone, as it's still early days for, but, I'll certainly be happy to share my experience and give lots of encouragement to everyone on this Forum.

I hope everybody is doing well, and I find this helps - Try to never ever visualise yourself enjoying a cigarette!

Fi x

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Well done Nutmeg. I gues you'll handle the NRT reduction the way you have handled your quit so far - successfully!


Well done!

Great post Nutmeg, I really think this is your quit. You say this one feels different and when people say that it is usually because they know they are not going back! Well done from me!:)


As that's you too, I think I should also let you know that I have recently became a Mama, (a very young one tho, trying to get my grandson to call me Glam Ma !!

Fi x


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