No Smoking Day
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Absolutely over the moon :D

It's now the start of day 3 and let me tell you, I've had one craving all day!

I really need to thank my anxiety for this, see the reason I'm giving up is because I had a throat infection, but my anxiety told me it was throat cancer, which sent me spiralling down into a pit of depression and god knows what else, when my doctor (I say doctor, I saw 4 of them) told me it was not cancer, I knew it was time to pack up, my first try I craved near enough every 10/20 minutes, this time, as I said, I've craved once today and it wasn't even for 5 minutes, maybe It's not just my health that doesn't want the smoking, maybe it's all of me!

Anyway, rant over, day 3 starts now, good luck all :D

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