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day 4............


Woke up feeling good as far as thinking of smoking goes but had a splitting sore head every day since quitting,,,, im on 21mg patches but I take it off before going to sleep with advice from pharmacist to avoid vivid dreams that I don't fancy having.... The area Ive been putting patch onto itches like mad most of the time with the occasional burning sensation, not unbearable though...Every hour that passes I feel more proud and plenty of encouragement from everyone around me... Dad stopped same time and every day he reports that hes feeling good and no negative feelings whatsoever which makes me wonder why ive so much to say on feelings, symptoms etc or is that just a man thing lol,,,,,,,,,, On a positive Im glad I found this forum and have been reading lots of posts at all stages... I just cant shake the thought of i cant go through this to ever start again and so many people I know end back just there... Oh dear i think my head is all over the place today,, Its like lots of conflicting mixed up thoughts... Sorry for the rant folks!!

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Well done Karyn on getting to day 4 :)

your mind and your moods are going to be all over the place for a while but things will start to improve the positives to making the decision to quit will increase

Staying positive and keep saying i am not going to smoke today will help keep you focused

Having your dad as your quit buddy must be great in some ways but dont forget everyone is different and even though he is telling you one thing it might be because being a man :p he dont want to show any signs of weakness you know what men can be like :rolleyes: sighsss

where abouts are you placing the patches and are you moving them around onto different areas if the itching continues you can always get some antihistamine cream to rub on as you can get a reaction to the glue they use on the patch and nicotine if they didnt stick too well try blowing on them for afew secs will help

keep posting and reading




Karen, wave the patch about for about a minute before putting it on. This disperses the alcohol and stops it itching.

Thanks Carol... I changed site every day, either arm.. I think my confusion is that I honestly dont feel the urge to smoke but my emotions are a bit all over the place and feel im over aware of the whole situation... I dont feel bad though.... Now that is confusing lol

Thanks Una.... i thought it strange that it doesnt tend to happen when I first put it on but could be hours later

Hi Karyn,

Me again:) As I said yesterday we quit at the same time and I am also on patches and strangely enough I feel all over the place today too - I cant seem to settle.

My other main symptoms are being short tempered and just soooo tired in the evenings I have my dinner and then go to sleep until time to get up and then struggle!

It will all settle down as I have been here before and just need to keep thinking that I will not smoke today - keep your chin up and keep posting :)

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