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No Smoking Day
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Effects of being a non smoker?

Hi all you 1 year + non smokers. Looking forward to that day I get to post in this page with the news that I made it 1 year :)

I wanted to ask you guys if you found your life improved and health improved when u quit smoking.

think better?

sleep better?

eat better?

your health in general??

If u have the time I'd really appreciate if you could reply and tell all about what are the pro's and cons of being smoke free.

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Hi Warrior

Well done on making the decision to quit atm you may feel that the way your feeling will never end :eek: especially the mood swings and everything else that goes hand in hand with stopping smoking

Well the good news is that they pass and you do start getting the power and control back in your life the further along the quit journey you go

There are plenty of long term quitters who never ever thought that they could get out of smokings evil grip that controlled there every waking sec but they have

It is achievable and the freedom of having a smoke free life is beyond words

The list of pros are many but i think the most important benefits is getting the power back over your life and having the freedom again to do as you please when you please without even thinking of smoking anymore

Health wise the list goes on and on

And umm and there are no cons

infact the only reminders i get now that i smoked is when i come on here

Alot of people stop coming on because they dont want the reminders that they smoked :( which is sad but understandable but many find out that this forum offers more

Alot of the people on here have become friends and this place is a community of people that still have alot to give and get how much support is needed to help those that follow behind with sharing there experiences offering help and encouragement

Oh and reading the jokes looking at the pics that get posted and have a gossip :p

Love your name btw

((wish i had come up with something inventive like that))


onwards and upwards is the only way to go


Hi Warrior.....

LOADS of Pro's, in fact the list can go on for waaaay too long, but the main one was gaining control back, rather than being controlled by the cigarettes.

Con's, well there isnt NORMALLY any, only in rare cases can the stopping of smoking trigger the start of an autoimmune disease called Ulcerative Colitis, and as mentioned in my other thread - and sods law, ive been diagnosed with it!

BUT..... i probably wouldnt have got it if i hadnt smoked in the first place - to have given up, so in a way it my fault anyway!


Pros - fresher breath, whiter teeth, non stinky clothes, asthma about a gazillion times better, colds don't last as long, I don't wake up at night/in the morning coughing. Saved a fair bit of money. Don't have the constant nagging worry that I might be bringing cancer crashing down on me. Feel that if I can do this, I can do anything.

Cons... hmmm. Can't think of much. In fact, can't think of anything. I suppose the early months were tough sometimes, which you could call a con - but since it got me to where I am now, I don't count that really. It's had no negative impact on my health, my psyche, my pocket or my social life. All is good!

Come join us in the penthouse, where the beer is free and the hot tub is steamy. You can do it!


There is never a con in giving up smoking. There's simply not one benefit you get from filling your lungs up with toxic fumes.


There are no cons for me.

I feel free. I have more energy and lots more money! I am more active and feel to have more of a zest for doing things. I have quit in the past and put on a lot of weight so I am more conscious of healthy eating choices this time.

I am thankful for each smoke free day and remind myself never to fall into the 'just one' trap again.


I didn't want to be a killjoy but i thought at the time you posted this you might struggle. It's an ex smokers instinct. It lasted a week ;)


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