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Day 16

Hi all, flag in the ground time. I think ill do this untill i reach 1 month and then stop - dont want to outstay my welcome . ;)

Nothing more to report since yesterday, everything the same and still have a smile from ear to ear!

I am becoming slightly obsessed with my spin biike though.... i was up at 5.30am this morning so that i could do 10 miles before work? is that normal? i feel great though and those dolphins are being realeased all over the place ..... what?....... im doing by bit for the dolphins......whats wrong with that....... pardon? oh... endorphines.... must remember that... keep forgetting...

Anyway, the only thing that niggles a bit is that my wife doesnt seem to be able to stop completely, she is still having 4 or 5 a day i reckon.... my approach is to not say anything and leave her to her own methods. I think that if i was to hassle her she would just smoke more, i know i would have. Tricky one this. i think ill see how things go for another week or two before deciding on anything..

have a good day you beauties....

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Morning magic you are doing fab and should have a big smile i know i have and am only on day 8,your posts always make me laugh keep them coming, maybe you should just not say anything to your wife and she will do it herself in her own time us woman are funny creatures :)


I recall this reponse i had from bellablue back on Sept 4th when i was full of doubt and misery. It changed my whole outlook. thanks bella for that. :)

Wish I could tell you just the right magic words to do this.... it's all mostly mental. You have got to somehow switch your thinking into really believing that not smoking is way better than smoking. If you tip the balance and your desire to quit is stronger than your desire to smoke then you have a chance.

Of course the funny thing is that there is nothing to gain from smoking and everything to gain if you quit BUT you don't really yet believe that and you must absolutely reprogram your thinking into believing just that. Allen Carr's book is great, reading and posting on this forum, reading other sites, thinking about being free from having to smoke to get your nicotine fix, listing all the positives about quitting, learning the truth about nicotine addiction, etc... Some folks need a bit to switch their thinking, I was a super stubborn one, and it took me a while.

No doubt you will get there as you seem to have the desire. Lots of support on here, keep posting and ask for help. You'll get there, don't just frantically quit.... get educated and then face your demons when you're prepared mentally. You can do it!


Hi Magic,

I'm in the same situation with the OH... but I've just learnt to accept that she has no real desire to stop smoking. She smokes way less than I ever did anyway and maybe someday she will see the benefits of stopping completely.. for the time being I think I can cope with it.


Day 16 yay me

Hello all,

I am a new member. Congrats to all the quitters. I am on day 16 of being smoke free. I quit cold turkey and so far so great. lol.. wish all the best..


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